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-To receive a massage from Wendy is to receive one from a professional.  Being sensitive about my high pain tolerance, Wendy gives a fantastic targeted massage.  She always follows up with genuine interest in my response to treatment, usually via a text message.  Thank you, Wendy, for your obvious concern for your clients before, during and after treatment!   (Mari)

-I have had massages for over thirty years and Wendy is by far the best.  She has a very soothing, comforting manner, even when she is intensely massaging a particularly tight muscle.  Wendy is very intuitive and focuses on the areas that need the most work. I have never been disappointed in any massage that I have received from Wendy.  (Cecilia)

-I was in the middle of training for an Ironman competition and feeling extremely fatigued and sore. I had no idea how revitalizing a massage could feel until I happened to meet Wendy through Dr Reed. It wasn't long before I scheduled my next massage and it was even better than the first!!!! Thanks for helping me recover from all that crazy training, Wendy!!! (Cindy)

-Wendy's massage was amazing. I hurt my back playing with my son and Wendy knew exactly what muscle to massage. After that my pain went away, it was like a miracle relief. (Shamira)

-I have never liked massages or being touched, but after a session with Wendy I have changed my mind.  Now looking forward to my third massage -Now I know what the fuss is all about! (Robert)

-Wendy Wheadon is not only a lovely compassionate person to deal with; she is very knowledgeable and talented in her craft.  She is accommodating and listens to you explain how you are feeling before your massage.  I have been more than satisfied with each experience. (Mary)

-While in Arizona, I experienced severe muscle spasms in my neck and shoulder.  I was lucky to find a wonderful massage therapist, Wendy Wheadon with Body Care Massage, who knew just how to help me.  Wendy concentrated her massage on my shoulder and neck area and I experienced relief of spasms and was able to relax after each massage. I would highly recommend her and plan to go back for periodic massages!  (Cheryl)  

-From time to time I suffer from muscle pain and right sided sciatica due to prolonged sitting at my desk. I tried PT but it really helped just a little. I found out that the most helpful treatment is a deep tissue massage. This is why I consulted Wendy Wheadon, at Body Care Massage LLC. Wendy has done several whole body, deep tissue massages for me. I felt a tremendous relief right after the first session. I love to have massages by Wendy because they are very therapeutic and relaxing. Wendy has not only great massaging techniques but also an extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology as well as pathology. Wendy is a great professional and lovely person to talk to. Thus, I would highly recommend Wendy Wheadon, LMT for the whole body and mind healing experience. (Kate)

-Wendy is simply the best: caring, kind, and professional. She listens to your needs and checks on you throughout the massage to make sure you are comfortable. I love my time with Wendy as it truly is time set aside just for me. I am so happy I found Wendy and l love recommending her. (Jill)

-Wendy and I first met at my chiropractor's office where she gave me a 'mini' massage while I was waiting for my appointment.  She is very friendly anddid such a nice job that I purchased a few more massages from her.  Her positive happy personality as well as her wonderful massage sessions is whyI keep coming back to her. She is thorough and always makes sure that sheis working on the area where I am having issues. I highly recommend WendyWheadon as a massage therapist to visit and I know that you won't bedisappointed! (Laurie)

-My 90 minute massage with Wendy was one of the best I’ve ever had. She was intuitive and incorporated deep tissue work and trigger release for a relaxing, yet productive massage. I also loved that she performed the massage in my home - allowing me to fully relax in a comfortable environment. Wendy's pricing is also very reasonable. I'm looking forward to my next massage with Wendy! (Bridget)

-I just experienced one of, if not, the best massage of my life!  Wendy has many subtle techniques that she weaves in to her application and uses the doTerra Aroma Touch blend!  Loved it-Give her a try! (Holly)

-My hubby and I were fortunate to receive your treatments this past winter. Your massage helped keep our muscles limber, allowing us to enjoy our dancing.We look forward to meeting up with you in the New Year 2015 to continue with your massage treatments during our winter stay. Keep up the great work. (Teena & Uri)-After having a lot of lower back pain for several weeks, I finally called Wendy and was lucky enough to have her come to my house that afternoon. After a 90 minute deep tissue massage, I had significantly less pain. I also mentioned to her how I’d been having problems stretching the muscle in the back of my thigh and she worked on that as well. After several weeks of not being able to stretch it, I no longer had any tightness at all in my thigh. Wendy is a miracle worker. Even her deep tissue massages are relaxing. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a therapeutic massage or just needs to de-stress with a relaxation massage!! You won’t regret it and will want to schedule you next appointment! (Denise)

-I want to say how much I have enjoyed and benefited from the massages given to me by Wendy Wheadon.  My back and neck are loosening up after years of tightness.  I am, also, becoming aware of how I can help myself by making little changes in the way I hold or use my body. I find Wendy to be friendly and thoughtful while always being professional.  I have appreciated the excellent work done by Wendy as well as the tips she gives me to continue my progress between massages. (Linda)

-I've had serious chronic neck pain/headaches for many years, especially the last year. I would frequently get adjustments at my chiropractor but the pain usually came back within a week or two. I recently had the opportunity of meeting Wendy Wheadon.  Since the last of four massages from her, my neck pains are gone now for six weeks!  That is the longest I have been pain-free during the last year.I AM VERY ENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT MY RESULTS OF HER MASSAGES AND HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER TO EVERYONE THAT NEEDS THIS SERVICE! (Ravon)


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